Purchased in May 2016

Absolutely Incredible!!

Healed me so quickly where no other thing worked! I tried creams and pumping but nothing worked for my cracks and thrush. This was my last resort and so happy i discovered it Soothing. Healing. Miraculous

Purchased in February 2020

Saved me from pain and infection

I decided to use this product as I had a terrible experience with infection last baby I breast fed. I’m so pleased I did. They kept my nipples moisturised and free of infection. They are comfortable and protective. It was peace of mind to have them and see them working straight away especially in the early days of feeding and I continued to use them daily. Highly recommend.

Hannah Dorsch
Purchased in September 2019

Life Saver!

I purchased these late in my breastfeeding journey, I had suffered damage many times which resulted in several cases of mastitis. My nipples just did would not heal despite using creams, gel discs, sun, etc. As soon as I used these the resulting healing was a miracle. It did not cure everything but it sped up the healing so quickly, about 4x as fast. The only downside is that they are too noticeable to wear in public but that was fine really. Hopefully my next breastfeeding journey will be far easier, but I am glad that I now have these to help me. Would highly recommend these to anyone who has nipples that get damaged easily or are slow to heal despite fixing babies latch etc.



SILVERETTE® is the ORIGINAL silver nursing cups, made from natural 925 silver and hand crafted by fully licensed silversmiths in Northern Italy.


SILVERETTE® is the best-selling product of it's kind worldwide. Due to its effectiveness, it is now available in over 15 countries.


SILVERETTE® is the perfect combination of lightness and effectiveness. One cup only weighs 3 grams.


SILVERETTE® was clinically tested at the University Hospital of Padua for 2 years before it was made available to mummies. Natural silver has a broad spectrum of benefits such as the ability to soothe, prevent and repair the nipple at all stages of the breastfeeding or pumping journey.


The design has been formulated by healthcare professionals based on the needs of nursing mothers. It has been tested to fit the anatomical shape of the areola and nipple area. The smooth rounded apex shape allows air to circulate around the nipple and provide protection against pain for all skin types.


SILVERETTE® is the only silver nursing cups that can be reused indefinitely. There are no used by dates. Safe for mothers and babies. Mothers can use this product multiple times as they grow their family.