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My personal breastfeeding experience started off as a typical one. A new mother entering the uncharted territory of breastfeeding. It all began in London, November 2014. 6 days into breastfeeding my new born daughter, I ended up with what was initially sore nipples. These soon became cracked, bleeding and blistered nipples. I went through all the motions. Cried in pain trying to breastfeed and cried in pain because I wanted to give up. I knew my latch wasn’t right which I needed to work on, but it was an upward battle to heal in time with ‘around-the-clock’ feeding.

It was on day 7 during a postpartum check-up with a midwife originally from Italy. Unfortunately, over the counter creams were not working for me so she suggested Silverette® silver nursing cups. She said they were very popular in her home country.

Out of desperation, I made the purchase. Looking back it was the best purchase I did.

The results were remarkable. After the first few hours of using the cups I could feel and see the difference. My cracked nipples were healing. Thereafter, painful feeds became bearable, and then became pleasant. Just science and nature at work. The silver nursing cups were safely and naturally at work, repairing and soothing my nipple skin in between feeds.

These silver nursing cups were a true blessing. I was so grateful for these I brought them back to Australia. I wanted to provide other mothers access to this amazing product. I truly believe this is a wonderful product for those seeking a natural and effective way to heal the skin while breastfeeding.

The truth is no one can really prepare you for breastfeeding until you start the process. Eventually, we find our groove while nursing our baby. With Silverette® silver nursing cups, they can give you the time to heal and time to find your own groove with breastfeeding.

I wish you all the best in your journey into motherhood and I hope you share the same enjoyable breastfeeding experience as I did using the Silverette® silver nursing cups.

Take Care